P O P R E L A Y   H O M E   P A G E

General Information

Welcome to the home page for the poprelayd program. This is designed to make your Sendmail program allow relaying from a certain host for a short period of time after that host as authenticated itself via a POP3 or IMAP connection. Go here to see all of the details and to get the program.


The poprelayd is now available from sourcefoge on the project page. New versions will show up there when they are released. There are additional setup instructions inside the tar file.


Curt Sampson himself is unfortunately not at this time in a good position to provide much in the way of direct technical support for poprelayd at the moment. (He's long since left the ISP that he originally wrote this for, and is involved in yet another dot-com that's eating up all of his time.) If you have problems, the first thing to do is re-read carefully the information on the poprelay description page, especially the installation notes at the end. After that, if you still have problems, review the messages in the Poprelay Help Forum and, if your question is not already answered there, post it there.

Project Administration

This project is now hosted by SourceForge. You can visit the project page to read the forums, submit bug reports, and suchlike. If you're interested in being a developer for it, please get in touch with me at cjs@cynic.net and let me know what sort of skills you have, and what you want to do. I'm particularly interested in people who are interested in making any modifications necessary for newer versions of Sendmail (this was originally developed under 8.9) and who are interested in making this work with other MTAs (such as Postfix). As well, someone to do general project admin on SourceForge would not be unwelcome.

For more information on Curt Sampson, please visit his home page.

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